EMU Dual Circuit

Floor Lifter

The Ergonomic Manipulating Unit (EMU) is an innovative machine with a unique manipulating head designed to glaze a building from the ‘inside-out’ when craneage or scaffolding in impractical.
With recognition from the Design Council and given the Quality in Construction Award by Construction News, the EMU has a unique manipulating head that can angle and push glass, curtain walling and unitized glazing panels outside of a building envelope, realign them and then pull them back into position for fixing.
The flexible hydraulic lifting head slews 80° left and right, tilts up and down 80° and rotates continuously 360° to manipulate loads into the ideal angle ready for fitting. The boom also slews up to 90° left and right to assist in load pick up.
Independently powered with an on-board drive system, the EMU has the mobility to access tight interior areas. Its four outriggers enhance stability and reduce the floor loading of the machine.

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Max Reach From Floor to Pad Face