Typical attachments and lifting devices used with Spider Cranes

Spider cranes are versatile and compact lifting machines, known for their ability to access confined spaces and work in challenging terrains. These impressive machines are made even more versatile by the wide array of attachments and lifting devices they can accommodate. In this discussion, we’ll explore the typical attachments and lifting devices used with spider […]

What is the big deal about Spider Cranes?

Spider cranes have taken the region by storm. Why is that? What is it about a spider crane that makes it so popular that rental companies are striving to get their hands on them? What has led contractors in the Middle East to include them in their planning schedules, and why do architects consider their […]

URW-706 Introduction

Spider Plus is proud to unveil the latest addition to its UNIC Mini Spider Crane Fleet- the URW706. The second largest UNIC Mini Spider Crane is now available for rental within the UAE. With a maximum SWL of 6Te, maximum working radius of 18.6m and a staggering 22.7m maximum lift height, whilst still being able […]

In House Test Bays

Spider Plus is pleased to announce it has expanded its in-house vacuum lifter testing capabilities. We have finished installing our second dedicated vacuum lifter test bay. This test bay has been designed to accommodate even the largest vacuum glass lifters. With a current loading capacity of over 4Te, we are equipped to perform 25% and […]

The Spider Plus Heavy Lifter Fleet

Spider Plus has the capability to provide the equipment needed to lift, maneuver and install very heavy glass. This equipment is available at our facility in Dubai Investment Park. Our largest lifter is the Hydraulica 2600. With a maximum capacity of 2.6Te, and fully powered rotation and tilting capabilities, this unit allows the user to […]

Vacuum Lifter and Mini Spider Crane Rental Fleet Expansion

Spider Plus is pleased to announce the expansion of our rental fleet. To keep in line with market demands, and to be able to continue to offer the best service and competitive pricing Spider Plus Construction Equipment Trading LLC has doubled its Vacuum Lifter fleet, and expanded the UNIC Mini Spider Crane Fleet. Spider Plus […]