Spider Plus has the capability to provide the equipment needed to lift, maneuver and install very heavy glass. This equipment is available at our facility in Dubai Investment Park.

Hydraulica 2600 Quad Compact

Our largest lifter is the Hydraulica 2600. With a maximum capacity of 2.6Te, and fully powered rotation and tilting capabilities, this unit allows the user to minimize manual handling whilst installing very large panels. This makes panel installation both safer and quicker.

Also available are two Hydraulica 2000 units. These are capable of lifting a load of 2Te and, like the Hydraulica 2600, also offer fully powered tilting and rotation of the load for hands-free operation.

Hydraulica 2000A
Hydraulica 2000-A

All our equipment is provided tested, certified and ready to go, including both our in-house test certification and third-party test certificates.