Multi-Clad DT5

Vacuum Glass Lifter

Five Configuration Lifter

A popular choice for installing horizontal and vertical wall panels as well as roofing panels, the Multi-Clad vacuum lifter series comes with the flexibility of 5 configurations and a choice of round or oval pads to suit varying panel lengths and shapes

As a single device, the Multi-Clad can install horizontal wall and roof panels up to 8 metres long and vertical panels up to 18 metres long, with an overall capacity of 400kg (depending on the number of pads)

Multi-Clad DT5
Optional 5 metre cross beams can be attached to the modular Multi-Clad for the installation of roof panels up to 14 metres. The DT5 comes with a 7 metre long cable suspension gear which allows the pitch angle for roof panels to be set. Both models come with an on-board control panel and
vacuum release.

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8-12 Pad Lifter

Safe Working Load


Dual Circuit Vacuum Pump

2 pumps, 2 Vacuum reserve tanks